Regarding to the processes for hiring Vietnam workers, we would like to show you briefly steps as following:


First step: We need Employer/Clients to provide us a full set of official documents such as: Demand letter, Power of Attorney, Manpower Supply Contract, Standard of Employment Contract, a public notary copied of Employer/Client's business registration and a "Quota Slips" from Employer/Client’s Authorities and/or an official statement from Employer/Client’s Labor Authorities to permit Employer/Client’s company to receive & employ Vietnam workers.

Second step: Right after receiving an original official documents from Employer/Client, we go to Vietnam Ministry of Labor & Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do attestation the said official documents directly by ourself. While waiting for permissions Vietnam Authorities, we start recruiting & collecting candidates as per Employer/Client's demand letters.

Third step: For all requirements of skilled workforce, we would like to invite Employer/Clients/delegates to arrive Vietnam to conduct and control the practical test/trades test with us. Then, Employer/Clients/delegates will select qualify workers directly. Normally it will take us maximum 3- 4 weeks to source & collect around 200 to 300 workers to enroll in the trade test.

Fourth step: Within 3 weeks after Employer/Client select suitable candidates, we will send to Employer/Client with full related paperwork of selected workers for working permit submission (full CV, passport copies, personal picture, health certificate, qualifications & certificates, police clearance..).

Fifth step: As soon as the work-permit will be released, Employer/Client will send original workpermit with letter of accommodation via courier services to us. Base on the workpermit, we will submit visa application for physical interviews with Employer/Client’s Embassy or Consul in Vietnam. While waiting for getting working visa from Employer/Client’s Embassy or Consul, we always require all selected workers to improve their working skilled, to learn & improve the languages & orientation studying.

Sixth step: As soon as receiving visa stamped and joining air-ticket from Employer/Clients, we then send workers to Employer/Client's worksite within maximum 2 weeks.